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Thiotrithiazyl Bromide, N3S4Br

Thiotrithiazyl Bromide, N3S4Br, is obtained by the interaction of nitrogen sulphide, N4S4, and "sulphur dibromide," SBr2, in chloroform solution. In carbon disulphide solution the product obtained has the composition N4S5Br. Thiotrithiazyl bromide is also formed when excess of bromine acts on thiotrithiazyl chloride in warm carbon disulphide solution. It is also produced when nitrogen bromosulphide, N4S4Br4, is exposed to the action of moist air. Thiotrithiazyl bromide forms small, yellow, needle-shaped crystals, stable in air. On boiling with water the products are ammonium bromide, sulphur and sulphur dioxide. Hot dilute alkalis yield ammonia, together with the alkali bromide, thiosulphate and sulphide.

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