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Nitrogen Bromosulphide, N4S4Br4

When nitrogen sulphide is treated with bromine in carbon disulphide solution, bronze-coloured crystals of Nitrogen Bromosulphide, N4S4Br4, are obtained. This compound decomposes in moist air, forming a yellow, amorphous compound, of composition N4S5Br2, perhaps N4S4.SBr2. Nitrogen sulphide also absorbs bromine vapour, forming red crystals having the composition N4S4Br6. This latter is a very unstable compound; carbon disulphide deprives it of some bromine, and it decomposes in moist air with formation of the yellow compound N4S5Br2. With nitrogen peroxide in carbon disulphide solution it yields crystals of a compound NSO4, which is decomposed by water into nitric oxide and sulphuric acid. If nitrogen bromosulphide, N4S4Br4, is digested with nitrogen peroxide in carbon disulphide solution, yellow crystals are formed, apparently of composition NSO, but very unstable, gentle heat causing complete decomposition. Similar treatment with nitrogen peroxide converts the compound N4S5Br2 into N4S3O6, which yields large yellow crystals.

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