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Carbon Subsulphide, C3S2

Carbon Subsulphide, C3S2 is the analogue of the suboxide, C3O2. It is a deep red, tear-exciting liquid, obtained by Lengyl as one of the products when carbon disulphide vapour was submitted to the action of an electric arc. With bromine it forms a yellow solid of composition C3S2Br6. Carbon subsulphide has also been prepared by striking an arc between a carbon cathode and an anode consisting of antimony containing 7 per cent, of carbon, placed beneath the surface of liquid carbon disulphide. The constitutional formula S:C:C:C:S is attributed to this compound.

A sulphide C2S3 is described by Low as a brown, odourless, amorphous substance, only sparingly soluble in carbon disulphide. It is said to be formed during the thermal decomposition of the disulphide.

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